Work Experience

Work Experience Paperwork for Year 10


10B – Bredon - 10 February – 14 February 2020

10M – Malvern - 24 February – 28 February 2020


To check which group you are in please check your teaching groups 10B or 10M (Epraise will have this information).


All the forms needed to complete your work experience week


Work Experience placement approval form – to be completed by parents/student and work placement. The form should be returned as soon as possible to Mrs Griffin in The Student Hub upon completion.


Work Experience Booklet for parent information and students.


Work Experience Report to be completed by the Employer at the end of the placement.


The forms can be downloaded below:


Work Experience Placement Approval Consent form (PDF)

Work Experience report (Gold Form) (PDF)

Work Experience Booklet - Parent Information Evening (PDF)