The Library is open from 8.15am until 3.30pm every day. Students are welcome at break and lunch times, as well as before the start of the school day, to finish homework tasks or enjoy some quiet reading time.

Our Library Club meets on Wednesday lunchtime, but we also offer other popular clubs such as Yugio and Manga. These are managed by the students themselves and we are always open to suggestions for additional groups.

Our Library has developed close links with other local schools and as members of the Worcestershire Children’s Book Group, we have taken part in several author visits as well as welcoming authors such as Joe Craig to our school.

The Library provides a good selection of modern fiction for young people, a range of non-fiction to help with topic work as well as literary classics. Both local and national newspapers arrive daily and we also stock a range of magazines including Focus and Writing Magazine. As well as the Librarian, our dedicated team of Junior Librarians and Sixth Form Supervisors are always on hand to help where needed.

Students are able to borrow up to three books for two weeks, though this is longer for Sixth Form students. All Library users are encouraged to request particular titles or authors that they would like to see in stock as well as additional magazines.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a popular reading scheme used in increasing numbers of schools to develop children’s reading skills and promote reading for pleasure.


An initial reading test determines which level(s)of book will be right for the student and they are then able to choose from a range of titles in both fiction and non-fiction categories. Students then take a short quiz after reading each book to check their understanding and progression before moving on to further reading.


At Pershore High School, all students in years 8 and 9 follow the Accelerated Reader programme. To maximise its impact, the scheme requires 20 minutes of daily dedicated reading time. This is incorporated across all lessons on a rolling basis, ensuring that students also see literacy in action across the curriculum. Subject teachers are invited to model reading for pleasure with their classes.

We are confident that the scheme will continue to encourage students to explore and examine their reading choices as well as build their confidence in a central life skill.

We invite you to come and see what the Library has to offer – it may surprise you!