The purpose of this page is to offer everyone an insight into the work done here at the High School to provide opportunities for all of its pupils to broaden their understanding of the community that they are part of, and the regional, national and international communities that are there for them to explore, consider and understand.

Pershore High School recognises its position as a central and vital part of the local community and whenever events take place that bring the community to the school, they will be documented here in the Community Webpage.

If you've had the opportunity to participate in ant events or activities, or would like to comment on them, please email us at:

What's in it for you?.........The webpage will be added to as different events are planned or take place. With any luck it will be simply an interesting read, but hopefully those reading it will find themselves motivated to participate in some way.  Wherever opportunities exist, we would be thrilled to receive your feedback and thoughts. 

There's an Archive section detailing a few events and opportunities that have taken place within and beyond the High School during the past academic year.

Following that we've detailed what's going on currently ………..enjoy!


Pershore High School is a member of the Schools of Tomorrow organisation. SoTo was launched at the RSA in London in October 2013 as a non-profit social enterprise, owned and led by school leaders, its members. 

As an independent organisation, its purpose is to understand, promote and validate the role of schools’ community engagement in changing times. We believe the most effective schools not only secure high levels of achievement, in every sense, for all their students, but also lie at the heart of their communities.

SoTo is built around the four principles of its quadrant.

Through SoTo we are involved in a pilot programme called Trailblazers for Fellowship. This applies the SoTo four quadrant framework to all aspects of school improvement to provide deeper and unique insights. It involves peer review by partner heads of the school’s values, context, priorities and impact; student-led research on how well the school equips them to understand and shape their future; and a stakeholder review group of students, staff, parents and governors to review the work of the school and to inform its development. Clive Corbett, teacher Ed Turfrey and student Megan Thoms are our representatives on this programme.

Our Trailblazer plan.



We are pleased to announce that PHS has achieved reaccreditation for the International School Award from the British Council. This is the fifteenth year running that we have been recognised as an International school which puts us in a very select number of schools to have achieved the award this many times. The award recognises the fantastic work that takes place both in and out of the classroom in the field of global education. Ranging from the Comenius project to the Zambian link, our partnership with Caoqiao Middle school in China, exchanges to France and Germany as well as events throughout the year such as Holocaust Memorial Day and Multi Faith Day, in addition to the vast number of projects in different curriculum areas which focus on global issues.