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The most recent event that represents equality was international women’s day. This is an event that supports strong-willed women and remembers those who sacrificed so much to gain women’s independence.

Many perceive feminists as men haters however this is not the case. Also, many believe that men cannot be feminists as they should not be hating their own sex. They are actually promoting equality.

The definition of equality is the state of being equal especially in status, right or opportunities. The most significant date in history was when women got the vote in 1928. This was only enforced because of the suffragette’s. They began to protest as they believed women should be treated the same as men. Because the men left to fight, the women had to join the workforce. This showed that women were able to adapt to save themselves and their country. When women were belittled again, they began to feel rage. The suffragettes were a result of this. It was only in the late 60’s when the government realised the immense inequality they were promoting; they began to change the laws affecting women.

Discrimination is much better than it once was, however, there is still problems with the way women are treated. This is apparent when one looks at the amount men and women earn a year. According to the Office of National Statistics, the recent average pay for full-time employees was 9.4% lower than for full- time male employees. This has actually improved since 1997 as the gap was one 17.4%. The most public issue that has been released is that actress, Claire Foy was paid significantly lower than co-star Matt Smith even though she played Queen Elizabeth in the hit series. Apparently, this was only because he negotiated a better deal because of his Doctor Who role. This does not seem to be the case. It is also known that many Hollywood film stars are paid less than their male co-stars. This is becoming an increasing issue as it also promoting inequality.

Domestic violence, sexual harassment, grooming and rape are issues that also lead to sexism. These are things women and men face on a daily basis however it is more common for it to happen to women. This should not be the case. Some men feel superior to women and believe that women should be punished if they try to defend themselves. This a disgusting thought that sickens many people around the world, however it must be taught to prevent it from happening. It is very common for these issues to happen in poorer countries because men know that women and children would be willing to do anything for money. This is when men begin to use women as sexual pawns. This can commonly happen to children as they are vulnerable in these situations. They could also face abuse. This would traumatise anyone for the rest of the lives which would affect their future. Cat calling or pulling a pig games also can lower a woman’s self-esteem as they feel they may be targeted because they are worthless.

In Russia, cases such as domestic violence and sexual harassment gets minimal sate attention. 56% of women were threatened with beatings or were victims of abuse by their husband. A quarter of those women faced sexual violence also. If these issues were noticed by the state, less women would have to face this suffering. However, if women were to fight against these issues, they may be imprisoned. Women also face difficulties getting jobs in Russia as employers do not wish to employ women.

After an interview with Head teacher Phil Hanson we discussed the issues of sexism within the school community. When asked “are you a feminist ad what is your view on feminism?”, Mr Hanson answered, “I’m not a feminist because I believe that everyone is equal.”

“Do you think this issue could be improved with schools with further education?” The answer received was “We have a duty to promote equality. I don’t believe that teaching is the way forward”.

“Due to the recent issues, do you pay your female staff less than your male staff?” The answer was forthcoming. “No, everyone is paid equally. The only people who paid more are those who are promoted. Are there more men promoted than women? No. Those who get paid less are those who are working part-time. This does tend to be women because of child care needs”

To conclude, it is evident that sexism is still a serious women face all around the world. If everyone works together, these issues may be tackled, especially in poor countries and in Russia. If there is no more sexism the world will become a much happier place.


Mental Health



Mental health is a big problem among adults and young people. 20% of adolescents may experience a health problem in any given year, 10% of people from age 5 to 16 have a diagnosable mental illness. In 2013 6,233 suicides were recorded in Britain. There are also links between physical and mental health problems. Research has found that 30% of people with a long-term physical health problem also have a mental health problem and 46% of people with a mental health problem also had a long-term physical health problem.


In this generation many people have lots of different types of illnesses, and it is a growing problem. After interviewing some teachers and students I have a wide range of different opinions on the matter. I interviewed Matthew Vernon, after asking him how he feels working with students in his class that have mental illnesses he replied with “It doesn’t change my opinion on the people but you have to adapt yourself so that they don’t feel bad about how they are”. “You’ve got to think on it but not dwell on it, you have to try to think positively about it because in the end it makes you unique.” Was his response to his thoughts and feelings on mental health. He answered how difficult it is working with people who have anxieties and depression, saying “You need to learn to adapt yourself so you have the ability to be sensitive enough to help”.


Is our schooling system doing enough to help mental health? A member of our safe guarding team had said “We do as much as we can and have plans but it’s a matter of time, there’s always more we can do”. Matthews opinion on how the school is helping was “There is an area for people that are struggling which is good but it would be better if it was talked about more in class so it’s a normal subject to address”. A student in sixth form said “They have people to help but it needs to be addressed more”.


How is social media affecting mental health among young people? “Social media has its perks there is places to go for help i.e. child line but on the internet you are very vulnerable”- Matthew Vernon. “It can have a negative effect for people who don’t understand what others are saying is ‘banter’.”- Sixth former. Overall many people say that social media plays a big part in mental health as there is so much negativity online, it may also put images of how to look in young, impressionable people’s heads which may lead to eating disorders. The increase in the number of people diagnosed with eating disorders was more pronounced in males with incidences rising 27 per cent. The number of people diagnosed with eating disorders has increased by 15 per cent since 2000 (6) Figures for 2007 found 1.9% of women and 0.2% of men experience anorexia in any year.


Over the years there is an increase in mental illnesses but there is also more awareness about it. In society we could all do more to help out the people who are struggling with mental illnesses, or any illnesses. To Do this we need to be empathetic and raise awareness. Many of the celebrities are using there fame to help raise more awareness but more can always be done. Although we are moving in the right direction!


50% of mental health issues are established by age 14 and 75% by age 24. One in four people in the UK will experience mental health issues in any given year. So in conclusion there is many people affected by mental health, which makes it an issue.

People need to realize that it’s a problem and think about how they act and how they can help. Everyone needs to do as much as they can to raise awareness and lower the amount of suicides and selfharm. 



Becoming an adult



At what age does a child become an adult? Is it when they become mature enough to do things themselves or is it just an arbitrary age that holiday companies use so they can charge you more money? When I was going on holiday at the age of 13 I was made to pay the price of an adult however I wasn’t allowed the privileges of having an adult wrist band. Neither could I stay in a room without an “adult” (18 or older).

It seems to be that if somebody wants to make money out of you they will say you become an adult younger so that they can charge you more. But then if they want to protect or restrict you from things the age you become an adult is suddenly much higher. For example the age you can drive in the UK is 17 and 18 to buy alcohol however it is different in different countries. In America you can drive at 16 but cannot buy alcohol until you are 21. But which laws are better? It’s hard to say because people mature are different ages and everyone is brought up differently. In some cases adults are acting half their age whilst in poorer places in the world like Ethiopia and Sudan children of very younger ages show great maturity and do their share of the work that would be deemed an adults job.

Although this is not only happening in poorer countries, it is happening right under our noses. In England young carers (somebody aged 18 or under who helps look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health conditions, or drug or alcohol problems) could be looking after their single parent, Making sure they get up every day and take their strong medication. However that child who has been handling their parent’s medication might not be able to go into a shop and buy paracetamol because you have to be over 16 to buy it.

This generation has been brought up to be accepting of others and their beliefs. We know not to discriminate or be racist to others and we know more about technology than a lot of the older generations. And yet we are restricted from doing many of the things are elders can take part in and do like voting. Racist and sexist people are allowed to vote. Someone who has been in prison Is allowed to vote after two years of being on probation unless they have committed treason. However you have to wait until you are 18 to vote in this country. By that time you could have had a baby and gotten a house. This means that you have to abide by the law but are not allowed to have any input in the outcome of the vote.

But in the end what age does a child become an adult?