Date: Tuesday, 6th October 2015
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Friends of Pershore High School

Welcome to the Friends of Pershore High School.

Friends of PHS LogoWe are a friendly, open busy committee whose mission is to raise funds to enhance the learning and life experiences of all the pupils at Pershore High School.

Dates in the diary for next academic year:

AGM/Bingo - Thursday 24th September
Shopping Trip to Oxford - Saturday 21st November
Carol Service - Wednesday 16th December
Chocolate Bingo - Wednesday 2nd December
Auction/Quiz - Friday 26th February
Easter Bingo - Thursday 17th March

Do you have some new creative ideas to raise funds? We would like to hear them.

We also would love to see some new faces at our meetings that take place once a term and only last about an hour!

Katie Ingram - Chair
Suzanne Clarke - Vice Chair
Susan Williams - Treasurer
Sara Stanton - 100 Club Cord
Fiona Parry - Secretary

To contact us: Email

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Please download our latest AGM minutes below:

pdf.png AGM 2014 Minutes


If you prefer you could support the school by joining the 100Club. For just 2 a month you could be in with a chance to win up to 60.

Interested ? Just download the application form, complete and drop it in to school. For further details contact Sara Stanton either via our Facebook page or email us

100+ Club Winners

August 2014 winners

1st Corbett No 141
2nd Ireland No 195
3rd Griffin No 95
4th Hulbert No 58

September 2014 winners

1st Mallinson No 22
2nd Creese No 234
3rd Nickell No 34
4th Woodward No 35

October 2014 winners

1st Herdman No 228
2nd Stanton No 173
3rd Surman No 113
4th Dufty No 163

November 2014 winners

1st Gow No 53
2nd Stephens No 120
3rd Merrett No 159
4th Woodward No 35

December 2014 winners

1st Hulbert No 223
2nd Warr No 37
3rd Woodcock No 15
4th Earle No 184

January 2015 winners

1st Pilling No 193
2nd Chidlow No 21
3rd Payne No 8
4th Cole No 165

February 2015 winners

1st Gordon No 20
2nd Denning No 38
3rd Hodgetts No 186
4th Hitchings No 11

March 2015 winners

1st Driscoll No 49
2nd Cant No 204
3rd Corbett No 141
4th Hobson No 12

April 2015 winners

1st Hayden No 25
2nd Annis No 225
3rd Lampitt No 164
4th Hocking No 63

May 2015 winners

1st Corbett No 43 60
2nd Fletcher No 158 40
3rd Kenwright No 6 20
4th Grubb No 117 10

June 2015 winners

1st Graves No 56 60
2nd Furey No 126 40
3rd Hodgetts No 186 20
4th Herdman No 238 10

July 2015 winners

1st Kenwright No 6 60
2nd Broadbent No 175 40
3rd Cresse No 234 20
4th Caldwell No 62 10

August 2015 winners

1st Lampitt No 164 60
2nd Cant No 204 40
3rd Clarke No 134 20
4th Wood-Griffiths No 40 10


Due to the holidays the 100+ Club JULY Draw will be drawn in September. Thank you for your continued support. .

Joining the 100+ Club

Joining the 100+ Club is easy. Simply download the application form below. Fill it in, and return it to us. It costs only 2 a month and helps the Friends of Pershore High School with their fundraising.

pdf.png 100+ Club Application Form

Do You Shop Online?

Did you know you could raise funds every time you shop online? Just use the Giving Machine. See below:

The Giving Machine

Upcoming Event Posters

There are currently no upcoming events.