Date: Monday, 22nd December 2014
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Friends of Pershore High School

Welcome to Pershore High School friends association.

We are a friendly, busy committee that organizes events throughout the year to raise money for the school to provide extra support and equipment for the students. New members are always welcome. Please come along and see what Friends of Pershore High School do. We meet about once every term and welcome new ideas from parents.


If you have had any changes of address details, please can you let us know these changes ASAP.


AGM - Tuesday 21st October at 6.30pm. Please find attached the AGM agenda and AGM minutes from last year.

pdf.png AGM Minutes 2013
pdf.png AGM Agenda 21st October 2014


The Friends have been an active group for many years, raising money for extra equipment within the school.

This year we are looking for new ideas for fund raising events and welcome new ideas from parents and friends of the school. Everyone is welcome to our meetings for open discussion on fund raising and organising events. We also need helpers to informally promote our 100 Club in school and the local area.

Please watch this section of the facebook page for information about future meetings.

School contact Fiona Parry.

Please note: If 100+ Club members move and change addresses please could they let the Friends of Pershore High School know, so if you win you receive your cheque without delay. Many Thanks.


100+ Club Winners

January 2013 winners

1st no 7 Bratt
2nd no 156 Neu
3rd no 186 Hodgetts
4th no 97 Saggers

February 2013 winners

1st no 217 Clubley
2nd no 151 Jones
3rd no 58 Hulbert
4th no 97 Saggers

March 2013 winners

1st no 45 Felton
2nd no 111 Bridgewater
3rd no 137 Llewellyn
4th no 6 Kenwright

April 2013 winners

1st no 237 Richardson
2nd no 9 Morris
3rd no 48 Mrs B Smith (Droitwich)
4th no 151 Jones

May 2013 winners

1st no 58 Hulbert
2nd no 20 Gordon
3rd no 112 Rees
4th no 159 N Merrett

June 2013 winners

1st no 116 J Howson
2nd no 97 Saggers
3rd no 168 Williams
4th no 38 Denning

July 2013 winners

1st no 66 J Taylor
2nd no 204 Cant
3rd no 10 K Smith
4th no 104 J Beard

August 2013 winners

1st no 156 Neu
2nd no 147 Hencher
3rd no 35 L Woodward
4th no 124 Budding

September 2013 winners

1st no 7 S Bratt
2nd no 47 Creed Miles-Naraine
3rd no 159 N Merrett
4th no 59 Williamson

October 2013 winners

1st no 8 Payne
2nd no 32 R Evans
3rd no 105 A Shephard
4th no 138 Cresswell

November 2013 winners

1st no 64 Palin
2nd no 43 H Corbett
3rd no 152 C Tarring
4th no 200 A Smith

December 2013 winners

1st Mrs E Bennett
2nd Mrs M A Coleman
3rd Debbie Weston
4th J Hemming

January 2014 winners

1st C Woodcock
2nd Mr Mallinson and Ms Milner
3rd Sharon Robinson
4th Mrs B Pritchard

February 2014 winners

1st L Whitehouse
2nd Mr Herdman
3rd Mr P Hanson
4th Mrs S Poulton

March 2014 winners

1st Palin No 64
2nd Corbett No 141
3rd Gow No 53
4th Riley No 209

April 2014 winners

1st C Childlow No 21
2nd S Williams No 239
3rd S Hanson No 91
4th A Perks No 123

June 2014 winners

1st Downson No 92
2nd Pritchard No 133
3rd Palin No 64
4th Williams No 168

July 2014 winners

1st Payne No 8
2nd Tarring No 152
3rd Hammett No 42
4th Creese No 234

August 2014 winners

1st Corbett No 141
2nd Ireland No 195
3rd Griffin No 95
4th Hulbert No 58

September 2014 winners

1st Mallinson No 22
2nd Creese No 234
3rd Nickell No 34
4th Woodward No 35

October 2014 winners

1st Herdman No 228
2nd Stanton No 173
3rd Surman No 113
4th Dufty No 163

November 2014 winners

1st Gow No 53
2nd Stephens No 120
3rd Merrett No 159
4th Woodward No 35

Joining the 100+ Club

Joining the 100+ Club is easy. Simply download the application form below. Fill it in, and return it to us. It costs only 2 a month and helps the Friends of Pershore High School with their fundraising.

pdf.png 100+ Club Application Form