Iskra Lawrence


Iskra Lawrence came to Pershore High School (as well as visiting Hanley Castle and Malvern St James) schools on Wednesday 18th May.

Her goal is to promote body acceptance and health in school children of all ages. To be able to take what she has had to learn the hard way and help students get through the hardest step together. Her initial experience of modelling was sadly one many young models can identify with: she was entered into an Elle competition by her mother aged 13, signed, and subsequently dropped a few years later by her agency because they deemed her hips “too big”. Her situation became even more paradoxical when she was told that she wasn’t big enough for plus-size modelling, leaving her trapped in no man's land and attempting extreme diets in a desperate attempt to fit into one category. She now carries a great deal of responsibility on her shoulders, with hundreds of girls messaging her each month for advice on how to feel better about themselves. Some messages, she says, are extremely worrying and indicative of how pervasive the effects of plastering billboards, adverts, social media channels and the internet with false, unattainable images of perfection.

Iskra spoke to students about positive body image, dealing with bullying, social media do’s and don’t’s, self-esteem and self care. The visit has been widely covered on BBC Radio and TV.



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